Firefly 7"

While Appalachian Death Ride may not be ready for the big dance yet, this guitar-fest from Columbus is definitely a sign of bigger and better things to come and shows that all hope hasn't been lost for and find. Good eatin' with no aftertaste.

Philly Rock Guide, April, 1993

Good rock-Pop. At times like a more Rock Husker Du. Wah guitar is a bit much at times, but mostly tuneful and driving.

Maximum Rock N Roll, February 1993

Not Particularly "heavy", not very fashionable either, just the best simple rock music I've heard in ages… I vaguely remember hearing a single by ADR a year ago, but if it sounded like this I'd like to think I woulda remembered it. Absolutely the catchiest, most passionate delivery of straight rock since that one Dinosaur record that was really good.

Your Flesh, No. 27

Appalachian Death Ride emerge from the house that the Replacements built and take it to a new level of intensity and rough-edged savvy. Energetic, cranking guitar and a high-octane rhythm section capture the very essence of rock.

Oculus, 5/93