Cowtown 3 EP

...The real standout of the release is, not surprisingly, ADR's "North Green". The production is still as perfectly un- slick as their previous outings on Anyway and Lovehammer Records, but the energy and honesty are preserved with more powerful hooks and vocal harmonies.

Inside Out, Fall, 1993

Four representatives of Ohio's Indie scene flip off Columbus (hence the title) and work those amps… Appalachian Death Ride check in from Athens with the highest production values on the whole biscuit...If this collection doesn't appeal to your taste, I officially apologize for taking you away from your An Emotional Fish CD.

Alternative Press, April 1994

The curious thing about Cowtown 3, a seven-inch thingummy on the Anyway Records label, is that it's the two acts featured on here that aren't so well known which come across particularly strongly – both Guided By Voices and Robert Griffin (of Prisonshake) donating songs whilst not exactly substandard, definitely sound like out takes….but like I say, the real winners here are the two unknown quantities: Appalachian Death Ride are out of key, out of control and out of their minds on "North Green", a frantic little number with some screaming guitar plastered all over some particularly fine drumming...

Ptolemaic Terrascope, #4, Spring 1994