Untitled EP

The winds of winter howl in the flanging of this gothic/Seattle-ite hybrid of a band that couples slow and dark post-punk vocals with loudly recorded drumming, show-off seventies rooted diddle guitar and an assortment of sweepingly-blowing, squealing and laughing guitar effects. Very fluid and very loud.

Alternative Press

Pressed on Red vinyl and sleeved with a cover of a blue man with wings on his head provides a great visual for the music spewing from the speakers. Tight drumming, "fuzz" bass, and grungy guitar prevail over the vocals but don't overpower.

Factsheet Five, No. 42

Sorta Husker Du meets the Bevis Frond with a little Crazy Horse (or is that 11th Dream Day?). In other words, noisy guitars and gruff vocals abound with an endearing lo-fi ambiance. The best tune is "Butterfly" which has extremely Bevis Frond-ish hooks and guitar lines. The other tunes don't hit in the same way but are A-O.K. nevertheless.

Maximum Rock N Roll