Appalachian Death Ride formed in the early 90's as a large, experimental "Rockestra" of about 8-10 players. The band soon stripped down to 3 core members and began developing a large amount of original songs.
     Over the next five years, with a few exchanges in the bass department, a couple of singles were released on Anyway Records and A.D.R. songs popped up on compilations from a variety of independent record labels.
     In 1996 the band became a quartet, released an LP on Anyway, and completed a 16-city tour of the Eastern and Southern U.S. In autumn they began working on demo recordings for a second album.
     In March of '97 A.D.R. supported The Humpers on a 12-city tour of the American South, traveling in a 1971 Cadillac Hearse. By the summer they were again a trio which held through more recording sessions and a demolition derby entry in the Athens County Fair.
     1998 saw the addition of accordion to the instrumentation. An EP based on A.D.R.'s demolition derby experiences was recorded and mixed. That summer Appalachian Death Ride took a five month hiatus to pursue other interests. They played a triumphant reunion show for a crowd of thousands, headlining the annual Athens Halloween Celebration. Soon after this, fiddle was added and the band became a quintet, allowing for further musical explorations.
     Throughout the following year A.D.R. often played completely acoustic performances and continued working on 4, 8, and 16-track demo recordings with the new line-up. By the end of the year the decision was made to commit the new songs to an upgraded studio environment for the new LP. From the spring of 2000 until the spring of 2002 twelve songs were recorded, mixed, re-mixed, and finally mastered at Diamond Mine Studios in Columbus, Ohio. The album, entitled "Hobo's Codebook" is now available through the Anyway Records label and Revolver USA distribution.
    ADR thrives on a healthy dose of musical variety and creativity. Sometimes the sound is loud, fast and heavy, at other times it is somber and haunting, distilled from various blends of Folk, Country, Psychedelic, and Hard Rock.

The current line-up of A.D.R. is
CHRIS BIESTER: electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals, principal song-writing, artwork, banjo
CHRIS DILLON drum set, occasional electric organ, artwork, propaganda
BILL STAMP electric bass guitar, acoustic double bass, theoretical mathematics
MIKE McGOVERN accordion, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, backing vocals
WILLY PERKINS fiddle, trombone

Appalachian Death Ride

Anyway Records

P.O. Box 82444
Columbus, OH 43202